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GMO-Free Guaranteed

GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms are those organisms whose genetic material has been altered by man, such as the carrot, seedless watermelon and seedless grape. New Life's foods and products are completely GMO-Free, prepared and sold in its original genetic make up, just as nature intended.

Premium Quality

New Life's foods and products are prepared with your well-being in mind, giving utmost attention to health and wellness. Our tonics utilize all-natural herbs indigenous from places like the Caribbean and Africa. Getting you healthy is our number one priority.

Alkaline Standards

Organic is defined as that which is produced by using environmentally friendly farming methods. That's exactly how New Life's 100% all-natural products are created. Our wholesome menu and products do not contain preservatives or chemicals. With New Life, your health always comes first.

Organic 100% Healthy

Meat, sugar and processed foods cause your body to produce acid; which creates an environment for diseases. Any food or beverage with a pH higher than 7 is consider alkaline and can help you lose weight and fight diseases like diabetes, arthritis and even cancer. New Life's Iceland Spring Water has a pH of 8.88 and is only sold in the New Life's stores.

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